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Autumn in the Valley  
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Spring into Summer
Suddenly It's Summer
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Falling down - farmland sloping down the valley
November 2003 saw Peppercombe bathed in sunshine with the leaves remaining on the trees far longer than normal. This spectacular event saturated the valley with colours worthy of any painters palette with a mixture of dappled green, burnt umber, cadmium yellow and raw sienna, all set against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. The weather had been particularly mild during September and October when the hedgerows were full of berries and the purple heather hanging onto the cliff side, mingled with the blackberries cascading down to the shoreline. In contrast to other beaches on the North Devon heritage coast, Peppercombe is a warm sheltered spot even at the end of September, beginning of October. November saw the cutting back and layering of the hedge at the start of the main track down. It looked rather stark at first glance but the advantage is the clearer view of surrounding farmland, the valley and Bideford Bay below. This time of year pheasants roam freely in the undergrowth. They are quite comical birds and take flight at the slightest sound, don't flap their wings and ascend so quickly and noisily they look rather as if they have been fired from a canon. The woodland photographs were taken in November on a very mild sunny morning. I have not seen Peppercombe Valley quite as colourful before at this time of year. Use the links below to view more images of Peppercombe Seasons including:
"Spring into Summer"
"Suddenly It's Summer"
"A Walk on the Wild Side"/"Springtime in the Valley".
South West Coast Path - Peppercombe to Bucks Mills
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A different view - down the Valley  & across  to Bideford Bay
Cutting back - newly layered hedges


Picture Perfect - walkers enjoying the November sunlight
Rest a while - main track
Natural Curves - steppping into the light
Going Over - leaves still on the branches beginning of November
Sunshine in September
Coming Out >>> to the shore - September
At the cross roads
Falling for Peppercombe!
In Contrast - the hard outline of the twisted branches against the soft amber leaves
Into the light,  onwards down to the sea or up to the valley! - September
Blackberries & Blooming Heather  - September
"The Gate" - November
Fist of Fury! - home from home - September
Catching the light - ferns in their autumn hues
Rushing in with the tide!/Holding On
In the Shadow of Peppercombe - October 2004
Over to Clovelly - September
Going Home - back tracking! - September John's Cottage! - winding back to Horns Cross - September
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