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If you prefer a more relaxed walk to Bucks Mills and decide that the arduous coastal walk from Peppercombe is a little too much, take heart, there is an easier way. There are many public footpaths criss-crossing the boundaries between Parkham and Alwington skirting fields and open pasture, however a most pleasant walk is along Northway, a good tarmac road just off the A39 at Horns Cross, with open fields on one side and a spectacular view of Bideford Bay on the other. There are several opportunities to catch sight of the rugged cliffs of Peppercombe and beyond through the many farm gates. Watch out for the friendly locals (cows, ponies, or goat) who love it when visitors go by. On a clear day you can see right across to Saunton Sands on the opposite side of the Bay. You can join the coastal path at the fork at the end of the road but the trail ahead leads into Green Lane (a fine example of a natural Devon Hedgerow). The steep banked hedgerows on either side are a magnate for birds, bees, butterflies and insects who feast on the wild flowers in Spring and Summer. All the butterfly pictures below were taken on one afternoon in midsummer. In May the lane looked vibrant with yellow blooming gorse and by mid-August the hedgerows either side were at least four feet higher. From the start of the lane to Bucks Mills is about ¾ mile and as you near the end, Clovelly, Hartland Point and Lundy Island come into view. You can carry on through the gate, this leads to other connecting footpaths, through the woods or down to Bucks Mills itself. It is very steep however so you may wish to walk back the way you came. There are a number of trails and public footpaths in the area, for detailed information you can buy the appropriate detailed Ordinance Survey map online from the Area Maps & Books.
Nosy Neighbours
Patchwork Quilt!
Nosy Neighbours!
Through the woods to Peppercombe
Right to the edge! - Where the land meets the sea.
Footpath down to the South West Coast Path
Over to Parkham from the Northway
Late August - Blackberry picking time
Slightly bedraggled - Large White
Meadow Brown
Meadow Brown
Painted Lady/Knapweed
Common Gorse - Green Lane in the Spring - A fine example of a natural Devon hedgerow
Busy Bee in the May Sunshine
Flaming Golden Gorse with visitor!
Friendly Locals
Hartland Point/Clovelly form Green Lane
Friendly Locals!
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