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<Click here for picture tour of Clovelly Village Don't hurry - that's the key to Clovelly. As you amble down the cobbled high street make sure you venture off left and right along the tiny lanes and passageways which invite you to explore behind the scenes. The lanes appear even narrower due to the array of flowers which cascade from all manner of pots, over steps, walls and fences. The sight of seabirds atop the chimney pots and the hustle and bustle of the little harbour below greet you from "The Look Out", which is where visitors first catch sight of the harbour. From this excellent vantage point you can glory in the views across Bideford Bay and really appreciate Clovelly's unique position, dangling on a 400ft cliff face on the North Devon Heritage Coast. Transport yourself back in time, imagine what it would have been like for the villagers anxiously awaiting the safe return of the fishermen. "Down Along" the street twists and turns in a series of massive cobbled steps until you arrive under an archway which is formed by a Clovelly resident's kitchen and dining room. This is the "Temple Bar" Cottage. Over the wall to the right there is another glimpse of Bideford Bay and straight ahead through the archway, as if mounted in a picture frame, is a perfect view of the 14th century quayside. The tiny harbour and lifeboat station, are protected by an ancient stone breakwater. In the Autumn and Winter visitors can enjoy refreshments by the fire in the cosy bars of the Red Lion Hotel or soak up the sunshine on the quay in Spring and Summer. Although the days when Clovelly was renowned for its huge herring and mackeral catches are long gone, fishing is still a part of village life and there is always plenty of activity on the quay, especially when the tide is in and boats are casting off or pulling alongside. There are now also fishing, or diving trips and excursions to Lundy Island where you can even spend the day swimming with seals! Across the harbour from the Red Lion is Crazy Kate's Cottage, the oldest cottage in the village, the Lifeboat Station and Slipway. Clovelly has had its own lifeboat since 1870. The spectacular Waterfall, a little further up the beach, is the outlet for the hidden stream which runs down through the village. May 2008 marked the 20th Anniversary of Award-winning Visitor Centre. There is a Landrover Service in operation from Easter to the end of October for anyone wanting an easy way back to the Visitor Centre, but for families the promise of a donkey ride at the top is normally a good enough inducement for children to make the trek back on their own two feet! To find out more about Clovelly Harbour, The Lifeboat Station and its history, fishing, boat trips, excursions and seasonal events visit Clovelly Highlights: Read all about the Clovelly Crab and Lobster Festival on the North Devon Coast and Country Chronicle blogspot
Lifeboat Shout!!
Clovelly Lifeboat House & Slipway Inspiration for Artists - Up and under
Watching the world go by
Catching a big smile! - Fishing at Clovelly Harbour
Hauling in "Sweet Katie" Sweet Katie afloat at Clovelly
Heave Away - Hall Away! - Clovelly Gig Window on the World.......& Crazy Kate's Cottage - the oldest cottage in Clovelly
Lots to sea and do - Fishing off Clovelly Quay
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